These exercises are good to do upon rising in the morning, and before doing Iron Shirt and Tai Chi. They open the spine, joints, organs and meridians. One can do these exercises in the order that is most useful to each person. The sequence can be done starting from the head and moving to the feet or from the bottom up. Note: All the exercises are to be done sequentially with feet together, apart, feet turned inwards, and feet turned outwards.


Exercise 1:

Opening the Door of Life
Part a: Stretch the arm out by twisting the lower, middle , upper body.
Part b: From the head, neck, spine and sacrum, with 24 breaths rolling the spine down, 24 breaths roll the spine up. Each breath should be inhaled from the nose and exhaled through the mouth. AT the end of the exhalation push the stomach back to the spine
Part c: Arch the spine backwards, push the shoulders down and pull the scapula towards the spine; extend the arms to both sides; the neck can be either pulled back with the eyes to the sky, or chin tucked into the neck..

Exercise 2:

Part of Body: Hip and Sacrum

Affected area: Sacrum, Hui Yin (perineum), Sexual Centers, Pelvis


Part a: Hip and Sacrum rotations. Rotate sacrum left right front and back Part b: repeat the same actions with the movement originating in the hips (large circles).

Exercise 3:

Part of Body: Legs

Affected area: Joints of Legs, Psoas, Balance

Exercises: Ankle knee, hip rotations and Joint opening, Stirring the Cauldron.

Exercise 4:

Part of Body: Groin and Abdomen

Affected area: Qua, leg tendon and psoas


Part a: separate sacrum and hip by pressing firm and twisting the leg (femur bone) to pull the hips apart.

Part b: Qua opening. Iron shirt stance, partner checking qua opening and knee bending. Squatting in five directions.

Part c: Tan Tien suspension practice, power press to the ground counteracting force of partner who is pulling you up. Exercise 5:

Part of Body: Trunk of Body: Tongue

Affected area: Energy centers of the spine and internal organs Exhale, flatten down stomach, spit out tongue, hold breath and pull up sexual organs and anus. Feel the empty force. Repeat in five directions.

Exercise 6:

Exercises: Opening the three gates:, in three positions, and three different ways to hold the feet.(open close parallel). Windmill in five directions

Exercise 7:

Part of Body: Arms, chest and shoulder blades

Affected area: T5 (opposite the heart) Shoulder Well, C7, T11. Exercises: Tendon Twisting. Five direction

Exercise 8:

Part of Body: Neck Affected area : Jade Pillow, C7

Exercises: Crane Neck, Turtle neck. Monkey head (leaning to the sides.) Front lock, back lock. Looking right and left (leading with the eyes,.). Head rotation and neck joint opening. Lizard Neck.

Exercise 9:

Part of Body: Shoulder and Chest

Affected area: C7. T2, and shoulder well Exercises: Shoulder rotation and joint openings. (Up-down, forward-back and circle), small circle and big circle. In the curve try to find the straight. Feel the connection of the tendon from the fingers to the spine to the legs and toes. Emphasis on tendon wrapping around the bone, joint lock, and power stance

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